South African bunny chow is a curry in a hollowed-out bread loaf! A budget-friendly meal loved for its portability, rich and hearty flavours. Bite Markets welcome this flavoursome addition to our market!


Bunny / Curry - Choice of Chicken or Lamb, served with loaf or rice. Included Mrs Balls chutney and carrot sambal = $15 Loaded Cobs - Cheese Fondue - Rich cheesy dip with crunchy croutons, bacon and chives = $15 - Irish Stew - Slow cooked Lamb with rosemary, leaks, potatoes and carrots and garlic toast =$15 - Chilli Con Carne - Add cheese and sour cream = $15 Roti Rolls - Pack of 2 rolls, either Chicken Curry or Cinnamon Sugar And Lemon = $6
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