Poffertjes – they may be hard to pronounce but they are certainly easy to eat! These freshly cooked mini Dutch style pancakes are served with melted butter, icing sugar and maple syrup or freshly squeezed lemon.


Traditional (Maple syrup or lemon wedge) = $7.00 Fresh Strawberries (With maple syrup) = $8.00 Fresh Strawberries (With strawberry syrup) = $8.00 Fresh Strawberries (with strawberry jam & cream) = $10.50 Fresh Strawberries (With Nutella) = $9.50 Nutella (With choc wafer) = $9.00 Banana Nutella (With vanilla ice cream) = $11.50 Crunchy Peanut Butter (With caramel syrup) = $9.00 Chocolate (With m&ms) = $8.50 Plain Waffle (with maple syrup, butter, icing sugar) = $5.00 Loaded M&M Waffle (with chocolate syrup, butter, icing sugar, m&m, whipped cream) = $6.50 Strawberries & Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle (with maple syrup, butter, icing sugar, strawberries, vanilla ice cream) = $7.50 Banana & Nutella Waffle (with butter, icing sugar, banana, Nutella) = $7.00
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