MITTE Berlin Street Food

With a mum with the surname 'Gomersbach' and a passion for food, Mount Mee’s Suzanne Lang was always destined to celebrate her culinary heritage, and we are so thankful … introducing Mitte Berlin Street Food, exclusive to Bite Markets at North Harbour. The tasty brainchild of Suzanne and Brett Lang, Mitte is a tribute to their favourite food borough in Berlin of the same name…. think crispy chips covered in mayonnaise served in a paper cone, freshly baked pretzels, 'curry wurst' (smoked sausage served with fries and slathered in curry sauce), home-made pickles, Oma’s famous potato salad, bratwurst, chilli knackwurst and cheese kransky, home-made rolls, sensational sauerkraut and onions. And apple strudels! 

Must Try

Amsterdam-style ‘Oorlog’ Fries (double fried fries, peanut sauce, chopped onion, mayonnaise, served in a paper cone). Diet? What diet??