World Famous Funnel Cakes

What is a ‘funnel cake’ you might ask? Soft like a donut, crispy like a churro with the sweetness of a waffle.  Cooked to order and served hot, with vanilla bean ice cream and your choice of gourmet toppings.  Flavours include The Fancy Ferrero, The Dancing Cookie Dough & Strawberry Sideshow (made with local strawberries!) World Famous Funnel Cakes transports you into a vintage cabaret parlour where girls dance to vintage electric swing music all whilst making your gourmet Funnel Cake. When visiting World Famous Funnel Cakes at BITE Markets keep an eye out for a sign which is held up through the night which gives away FREE Funnel Cakes to the person with the best dance moves.

Must Try

Rocky Road Cabaret (Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with hot chocolate fudge & fresh strawberry puree finished with peanuts & chunks of rocky road).